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AmpliSens FiloA-screen-FRT PCR kit
Cat.: H-2781-1-4-CE
Name: AmpliSens FiloA-screen-FRT PCR kit
Number of tests: 96
Detection Method: FRT
Packaging arrangement (PA): Kit with reagents only for amplification step
Content: All reagents are in individual vials (no PCR-tubes) + Taq-F polymerase (hot start)
Type: Non-aliquoted
Shelf life: 12 months

GUIDELINES to AmpliSens FiloA-screen-FRT PCR kit (version 19.12.2018, update: 27.12.2018)
Information bulletin to AmpliSens FiloA-screen-FRT PCR kit (version 11.11.2019, update: 13.11.2019)
AmpliSens FiloA-screen-FRT PCR kit Instruction Manual (version 12.09.2019, update: 13.11.2019)

AmpliSens FiloA-screen-FRT PCR kit is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification test for qualitative detection of RNA of Ebola virus variant Zaire (EBOV Zaire), Ebola virus variant Sudane (SUDV) and Marburg virus (MARV) of Filoviridae family in the human biological material (whole blood or its components: leucocytes and plasma), using real-time hybridization-fluorescence detection of amplified products.

This PCR kit is used for the analysis of biological material, taken from the persons suspected of filoviral haemorrhagic fevers without distinction of form and presence of manifestation. The material for RT-PCR is RNA-samples extracted from test material. Reverse transcription step is included.

Recommended extraction kits: RIBO-prep (K2-9-Et-100-CE), RIBO-zol-B (K2-3-100-CE). It is possible to use other nucleic acid extraction protocols.

Adapted for:

  • Rotor-Gene 3000/6000 (Corbett Research, Australia)
  • Rotor-Gene Q (QIAGEN, Germany)

Attention!!! Number of tests includes controls and calibrators (for quantitative tests).

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