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20/13, b.2,
Sadovnicheskaya str.
Moscow, Russia, 115035

Phone: +7 (495) 664 2884
Fax: +7 (495) 664 2889
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About company

InterLabService Ltd. (ILS) is the leading company on the Russian Molecular Diagnostics market.
We provide the highest quality of service by steady development and support of professional
and personal relationships with our global customers and suppliers.



New type of Amplisens kits - AmpliSens HBV-Monitor-L PCR kit PCR kit (lyophilized) , AmpliSens HCV-Monitor-L PCR (lyophilized), AmpliSens HCV-genotype-FRT PCR ki, AmpliSens HBV-genotype-FRT PCR kit are CE IVD certified now.


New type of Amplisens kits - AmpliSens BRCA1-FRTPCR kit , AmpliSens F2/F5-SNP-FRT PCR kitAmpliSens MDR MCR-1-FRT , AmpliSens MDR MCR-1-FRT, AmpliSens Giardia lamblia -FRT - are available now.


New type of Amplisens kits - AmpliSens Enterovirus / Parechovirus-FRT PCR kit, AmpliSensHHV8-screen/monitor-FRT PCR kit, AmpliSens Plasmodium spp. / P.falciparum / P.vivax-FRT , AmpliSens Ascaridosis-FRT PCR kit - are available now.

On March 18, InterLabService is celebrating its 20th anniversary!